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We have the talent for producing high quality seals.

Using our CNC equipment, including our Mold EDM, our staff of mold makers are constantly being trained in all methods of manufacturing and using the latest techniques to provide you with the highest quality. We have also been able to shorten lead-times and save our customers money.

Starting in our Engineering Department, with CADKEY 3D design capabilities, we can aid in your product development offering Cadkey, Cadkey Solids, and Fastsurf, which tie in directly to our CNC programming using Surfcam and Mastercam. This feature allows for faster seal deliveries at close tolerances, for more cost savings for you. If mold-filling analysis is needed, we provide that valuable tool help fine tune part design and avoid potential processing problems. Our engineering department is available for the all-important early involvement in product development to ensure manufacturability and to optimize your design intent. To ensure smooth communication, we can receive data files via the Internet in DXF, SAT, STL GE3, step, x_t, x_b, and CADKEY native file formats.